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Quality Policy Dneprspetsremont, Limited Liability Corporation


The Mission of "Dneprspetsremont" LLC is rendering of high-quality services with requirements and wishes of customers, interests of partners, staff, society and other interested parties providing with safe working conditions, minimization of environmental impact. | |

The object of our company is constant improvement of the activity; seek to take a leading stand in this sphere.

The company management provides for functioning and constant development quality management system and also rendering of services, initiates development and introduction a corporate system of social responsibility to customers, staff, and society and is obliged:

  • To engaged in all kinds of its activity through management system of interrelated process using available resources and aimed at creating of value added for clients.
  • To meet needs of the customer on all stages of product life cycle, requirements of regulations and legislation.
  • To analyze issues concerning quality of productive works and take measures to improve a business process.

Dneprspetsremont - Financial Department
Dneprspetsremont - Planning Department
  • To create favorable conditions for development of corporate culture in the staff as all the employee of the company are simultaneously customers and suppliers and responsible for quality of their work to their domestic and foreign customers.
  • To monitor constantly, perform internal and independent audit for decision-nnaking, based on facts.
  • To achieve an important increase of effectiveness of the activity, labor productivity, improvement of quality, competitive ability.
  • To organize work for transformation of quality of line working into priority so as each employee understands his role in the management system, consciously complies with current requirements and bears a personal liability for his functions.
  • To create conditions for increasing quality, standardization and efficiency of labor by means of improving technological cards of servicing of each working place.
  • To reduce any risks causing traumatism and instant danger to life, health of the staff of the company and organizations-partners.
  • To ensure continues training and refresher training of the staff in the sphere of management of quality, by introducing principals of European control systems with efficiency evaluation and effectiveness of the processes.
Focus on society :
  • To analyze and review the mission, objects and policy by creating favorable conditions for progressive decisions aimed at international standards.
  • To ensure power resources conservation, adopt and improve alternative technologies.
  • Timely and in corpore to pay taxes which form local and regional budgets.
  • To realize projects, which further social and economic development of the territories and social sphere.
  • To form its own business philosophy on the basis of long-terms win-win relationship, respect and trust with customers, suppliers, staff, shareholders and society.

The management of "Dneprspetsremont" LLC declares its adherence to the mission and an obligation stated in this policy, and confirms its resolution to head the process of constant improvement of the activity of the company for the purpose of improving life quality of the staff and other interested parties.