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Director of Dneprspetsremont Logvinenko Jeanne Nikiforovna

About company Dneprspetsremont, Limited Liability Corporation


In 2002 the company was founded Dneprspetsremont LLC as profiled company for installation of technological pipelines and external engineering networks. Every year our company stepped up its fixed assets and human resources, increase the amount of works performed. For a short period of time Dneprspetsremont LLC became a diversified enterprise. To date, Dneprspetsremont LLC is able to offer The following types of work performed: | |

  construction of sludge and tailing ;
  installation of technological pipelines ;
  laying of engineering networks ;
  laying of water and heat supply ;
  remediation of soil and anti-erosion work ;
  fabrication, steel erection and individual structural elements.

  development of pits, grooves;
  leveling and removal of soil;
  device embankments, laying, compaction of soil;
  arrangement of ground and sand and gravel pads;
  work on the construction of the headquarters, ponds for irrigation systems;
  the construction of dams, canals, fields, trenches for strip foundations;
  construction Solid Waste Disposal;
  all kinds of work on the development and movement of soil;
  all kinds of work for laying of sand and gravel pads at the base of roads and other works.
  All work licensed.

Over the entire period of work for the market, the company has established itself in the market as a reliable contractor. So our company has become a repeat customer of PJSC "ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog".

We performed ::
  • installation of slurry pipelines of various diameters in the shop Sludge management GOK PJSC "ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog"
  • installation of conduits and heating pipes with integrated launch into operation
  • overhaul of fixed assets Aglomerantsionnogo shop 1 PJSC "ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog"

In extreme conditions, and as soon as possible, without stopping production the replacement of hundreds of meters of air. Working hard to overhaul of the building bunker flight. Most of the assembled metal is produced independently in terms of production site and in workshops for metal processing.

Much success the company has made and the construction of dams. So on account Dneprspetsremont LLC execution of large orders for reconstruction tailings "Obiedinyonnoye" and "Mirolyubovka" Mining of PJSC "ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog".

Permanent geodetic control, strict adherence to construction technology, precise interaction of engineers and workers have contributed to the fact that the levees were built with clear design parameters, and this makes them environmentally safe and reliable.

Successfully and in time made the construction of levees protecting the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

Well coordinated work of professionals and engineering staff, high staff capacity precise organization of work and strict discipline, an updated fleet and modern technological mechanisms Dneprspetsremont LLC guarantees timely and qualitative performance objectives set by the customer on time according to contracts. So 8-year history, Dneprspetsremont LLC never plucked signed the contract terms.

Dneprspetsremont LLC enterprise with rich experience, unblemished reputation for high scientific and engineering and human resources potential ensures customers with the successful and timely execution of orders on time and turn-key.

We are always ready to cooperate in our face you will find a reliable partner.


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